Why You aren’t Successful despite Participating in Many Trainings?

Often a person who does not reach the intended level of success, despite participating in many pieces of training will get annoyed when they hear about training.
He/ She might think this is the same process everywhere. The reason I say this is because we often meet with trainers. But most of the trainers will be doing some things. There are people who learn things and then teach them. Once you attend such people’s training, it is easy for you to win in life/ become successful in life.

It’s not because you don’t know how to be successful, but because you don’t know what steps to take to become SUCCESSFUL. It is our brain that controls us for many things. The brain, which is just one organ, like our hands or feet, can control us in many situations. You wish to have some success in life. But, when it comes to doing some things to have success it is our brain that is holding us back. The only way to do that is to understand what the brain knows. The brain knows two things, success, and failure. Whether it is Success or Failure, there is nothing in it for the brain. The more times you register success in your brain; you will become successful when you try out something new. To put in other words, Brain knows what it is familiar with. The more times you experience something, the more your brain will want to do the same. This is probably the most important thing Sajeev Nair says in order to succeed, and the thing I found most useful in my life. When we wake up in the morning we write down all the things that we need to do on aboard.

When you get back in the evening, before going to bed note everything you did. If you increase the success ratio slowly, as far as your brain is concerned, to do even the smallest things; Write down the simplest of the task; write down twenty or thirty tasks a day and before you go to bed if you have completed the task except for one or two tasks. We would be going to bed as a successful person. So if a person like that goes to sleep, wakes up in the morning as a successful person. If a person who comes has experienced that kind of success and an experienced person like that can take advantage of the training they have received, we can see that they become a success.