Skills Needed for Success in Life

Skills Needed for Success in Life

Successors in any field will have expertise in that area. Skill comes through continuous training. The following are some of the areas that need to be adjusted for spiritual success in life
1. Professional Skills
Love the work you do, do it willingly – this is how you approach the Profession with Passion. Anything can be done with great enthusiasm and excellence” these are the words of Mother Teresa.Always Love the work you do to attain success in life. Any new job can be difficult at first. But with continuous training, that job can be made easier and you can make it your best skill set.

2. Skill to Praise for Life Success
Practice recognizing the good qualities and actions of your colleagues and followers. Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electricals, who had increased the company turnover by ten times in a few years, said that “I always appreciate the employees at my company for doing something good, and they are pleased.”Most of us catch our co-workers in doing something bad. Make it a habit to admire the good deeds and conduct of others.

3. Ability to give good interpretations of situations and the behavior of others

If your friend didn’t arrive at the time he told you to come, what would be your reaction? “. “He doesn’t give any value for my time”,” he thinks he’s become someone to make me wait like this”, “He is Arrogant, what else to say”, these kinds of thinking will happen. However, that friend went to help a man who was met with an accident to the hospital.

By giving good interpretations of situations and the behavior of others, you reduce your own mental stress. Creating this habit not only helps people to make more connections but also improves their own mental health.

4. Discipline
“Postponing” is a bad habit that everyone has in common. You won’t be able to find a single person who hasn’t postponed doing the things that have to be done now and today to tomorrow. The severity of it varies from person to person. Make it a habit to complete each day’s task on that day no matter what. And, that too will become a skill needed for success in life.

5. Creative Criticism
Often, criticism is found to be a sign of stress and a reason for the deterioration of performance. This happens because of negative criticism. Three things need to be considered for positive criticism.
a. The Work of the Person Should be Criticized, not the Individual :
Instead of saying, “You didn’t do it right,” point out what he did and say what’s wrong.

b. Criticism in Secret, Compliments in public:
What often happens is just the opposite. While having a conversation with your neighbor, your son, who is attending school, came running to you after playing.
One asked, “How’re his studies?” ‘He is a real lazy boy and will not study anything. He just plays around all the time’. This was your quick answer. The happy boy goes inside getting sad and angry.
Instead, let’s say you said like this ‘He is paying close attention to his studies. In the final term, he will surely score more than eighty percent of all subjects.‘Your the child will go inside with a happy face.
Later, you can tell your child in person like ‘You heard me, right?’ I said it because I know you can do it. Study well for the rest of the days. Otherwise, I won’t be able to face them. ‘

c. Sandwich Method

Before criticizing a person, mention the good deeds that the person is doing.
Then, talk about what needs to be changed. Also, let him know that you are asking to change these things because your expectations for that person are high. Whoever is being criticized there will be a question in the mind of the person, ‘why do you criticize me?’
When that person realizes that you have so much hope for him/ her, he or she will surely try to accept the criticism as an inspiration.

Sajeev Nair, Your Business Coach! & Motivational Speaker