Imagination is unbelievably powerful

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination – Albert Einstein.

Have you ever wondered why people behave in certain ways? If you had known better about your own mind, emotions and actions would you not change yourself for the better? Well then start imagining. It influences everything regardless of our education or profession and it is the key to innovation

Living in reality is the most boring thing anyone can do. Irrespective of the rich or poor or educated or illiterate young or old – when you start to imagine you ignite the passion in you. You would bring in thoughts which can actually create your future.

How do thoughts become things? It’s the imagination which actually makes this possible. If there were not people in this world you did not allow their imagination to fly free would you think we would have the light to chase the darkness away? Would there be airplanes which flew with hundred in the sky? Would there be an internet which brought the whole world before you on your table?

When you go into your world of imagination you escape the ‘reality of life’, which makes us sick and really sucks, by the portrayal of violence diseases, crime and sadness by media or people around us. We could get into the trap of believing that this is what the world is and then become a victim of it.

Why should we waste our precious life by the monotonous and wearisome realities, when there are endless possibilities by just turning our thoughts to imagination and thus creating our own world?

Make the world a canvas to your imagination – It’s your life’s upcoming attractions.