How to Make Smart Decisions in Life

Making the right decision is always the toughest task for every human being. Be it related to work, profession or life making the correct decision is what will help you to be happy and calm.
Decision making, just as it sounds is the process of making the right decision according to your situation or circumstances.
Different factors in life affect our decision-making process like emotional, irrational thoughts and confusing choices. But there are times when we make logical choices.
Before making your decisions, here are some tips that will help you make smarter choices and live a regret free life.
1. Identify your goals:
Create a list of things you want to achieve in your life. It can be your degree, Job or marriage etc. After you’ve listed this, scribble down a list of things you can do to achieve your goals. Identify all those goals you want to accomplish and focus your time on them as the first step towards making smarter life decisions.

2. Analyse the Positives and Negatives:
Whatever goals you have in your mind have its own pros and cons. The actions you must do in order to achieve these goals will also have good and bad sides. You must make sure the daily actions you do is intended to help you accomplish your goals.

3. Set a time limit:
Distractions occur if you don’t really focus on your goals. Create a time limit for all the short-term actions you need to do which will help you focus on your decision rather than having your mind wander. When there is a dead limit, there is a pressure that asks you to check the matter faster and collect the positives and negatives quickly, which you might not do otherwise.

4. Learn from your mistakes and Other Peoples Mistakes:
Each and everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes will help you to think before you act on things. When you realize you’ve made a mistake never put yourself down, rather take time to understand the lesson you learn from them. You never know when you might face a similar situation and make the same mistake. Also, talking with people older than you will provide you with insights that they learned from their life and mistakes. Better prepare yourself for the unsure than weeping when mistakes happen.

5. Embrace failure and move forward:
It’s natural to fail in things that are known and unknown. But giving up after failure is not a good habit. Learn to embrace the failures in life as these failures will help you to accomplish your goals in life. Move forward, don’t quit. All the famous personalities you’ve know have faced failure yet they achieved what they wanted in life with determination and hard work.

6. Follow your intuitions:
Most of the time your gut feeling or the voice inside your head will be giving you hints about what going to happen if you do so and so. If you feel the choice you are making is right don’t let it be questioned by yourself or by others around you. Likewise, if you feel what you are doing is wrong, don’t hesitate to stop what you’ve been doing.

Remember, making smarter life decisions is not only about distinguishing between right and wrong but doing what is right. The more you do the right things, the lesser you’ll have the feelings of regret. Also, life is not only about what you do, but it is also about things you don’t do. There’s a quote by George Bernard Shaw- “A life spent making mistakes it only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” In life, not doing anything is as bad as doing all things wrong.