Have a strategy for every goal

We know that in order to attain goal, we need to have a strategy which otherwise can be termed as a planned approach.When you need to reach a certain place you first decide when to reach there. Once you decide the time you then search for the vehicle to take you there on time. The vehicle you choose depends on how fast you want to reach. Some plan with the resources at hand and for some reaching the destination on right time is more important than the resource

We know that to reach the destination on time we need to have a strategy. Should we take a bus or hire a car? If its long distance will a train do or should we fly?

No one goes to the ticket counter or book online just like that. Before travelling you very well know when to should reach, when to start, what should be the mode of travel and also what you should pack and carry to make the travel comfortable. Similarly to achieve any business goals or bigger goals in life should we not have a planned approach? We should and this approach is called strategy.

There is no use of measuring your speed if you are not heading the right direction.