Empower yourself to get into Actions

“Empower yourself to get into action”.There are hundreds of people in this world who are comfortable in doing what they have been doing every day. You can watch and observe this all around you. In our case too it’s no different. Don’t we buy the same vegetables and provisions that we did purchase last time and that too from the same shop or mall? Don’t we go to the same hotel that we had stayed before, we try to take the dog for a walk in the same route and thus even happen to see the same people whom we see every morning or evening.

Why do we do these things repeatedly? This is because our brain is comfortable with the things it’s been doing. If we try to break the routine it alerts us and makes us feel that there is danger or uncertainly. The brain makes us avoid these ‘dangers and uncertainly’ and push us back to the familiar zone.

We need to remember that if we are in the familiar and comfortable zone we cannot experience or get anything different from what we have been getting and to move away we need to break the comforts zone. Our goals are definitely not in this zone because if it were we would not be wishing and dreaming or craving for the things we have set as our ‘goal’. In this unfamiliar path there will be hurdles, you need to clear the weeds and there will be thorns but doing all these things which we had not seen or experienced before, we will be going through a period of immense happiness too.

Doing the same think and expecting a different result is stupidity. So from today, take a pathway no one else has dared to step on and reward yourself with the best. You indeed deserve it.