How Sajeev Nair Coaching is Unique and Result Focussed?

Though Sajeev Nair is an ICF certified Coach, his business coaching model is based on ‘Thought Process Re-engineering’ (TPR), a theory developed by Sajeev Nair based on his research in neuroscience. Hence the Business Coaching methodology is highly scientific with measurable results.

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What is Business Coaching?

Sajeev Nair, Your Business Coach! & Motivational Speaker

Sajeev Nair brings with him two decades of rich experience in various roles-as a corporate manager, serial entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and also as Business Coach who has helped more than ten thousand entrepreneurs to scale up their professional and personal life. Sajeev Nair’s corporate experience with few major companies like Malayala Manorama, CIPLA, Bharat Petroleum helps him to support Small and Medium Enterprises to build systems and processes with an objective of scaling up.Unlike many Business Coaches or Trainers who never got any experience in developing a business, Sajeev Nair has built few successful businesses in hospitality, IT, wellness and management consulting industries. Sajeev Nair has helped more than 300 companies to re-engineer their business and scale up to higher levels through his Strategic Consulting form Bramma Consulting which is a business consultancy based at cochin

Business Coaching is not training. It is helping, leading and enabling People Professionally and/or Personally to determine a Direction and getting them into Action to Plan and Achieve their Goals. Business Coaching is a professional relationship designed for you, by you with the sole intention of creating the business that you want. Working with a Business Coach like Sajeev Nair will give you the focus you need to create challenging, satisfying goals for yourself and your business, and the strategy and support to achieve them.

How do you know whether you need the Business Coaching support of Sajeev Nair?

It is probably true to say that nobody “needs” a Business Coach. Signs that you may “want” a Business Coach include:

  • You feel drained and frustrated with life and work
  • You are concerned about your personal financial position, now or in the future
  • Your teams &/or individuals are underperforming
  • You find it impossible to take time away from the business
  • You feel the need for clear direction and goals for your business &/or life
  • You feel tired and uninspired
  • You need a greater or more regular flow of clients
  • Your turnover is high and profit margins low
  • Your staff morale is low, absenteeism and stress are high

Sajeev Nair brings with him two decades of experience in people transformation, during with he has coached more than ten thousand people from all walks of life.

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