Business Coaching

Are you a Businessman who wants to build a super powerful community of employees who are highly talented, committed and passionate?
Are you a Businessman who wants to take your business to your next level? If you are saying ‘Yes’, It means you need someone to direct you to the right direction through more effective ideas, habits, and practices. That’s why you need a ‘Business coach’. You will have the proper guidance to build yourself and build your business. The reasons to have a Business coach are many, but the one prime reason for you to have a coach is that you want to make your business super successful.
Experience is limited to what we currently know and what we have been doing. But this limitation of your experience should never affect the growth of your organization. Incorporate the wisdom of business coach to build and expand your business empire.
For Business coaching, Sajeev Nair is there to guide you, to redefine your current business model. You can refocus on your business structure, categorize what you need to do and needn’t do, to derive a fresh aspiring business process yourself with the guidance of Sajeev Nair. What makes us different is rather than focusing on your business processes blindly, business coach works on your thoughts which hinder your potentiality .You may have a great potential, a great vision but you are not able to do, what you want to do. If so, this is the right place. By holding a brainstorming session a business coach generates bigger ideas from you. This will bring new, different and better results in business.
CGBL, which can be considered as a Practical MBA for entrepreneurs is also called as BUSINESS ACCELERATOR SERIES. You have the freedom to join this series any time and on completion of all the six modules in six months, you will be certified.
A SIX – MONTHS knowledge packed program with a clear vision to make you a Global Business Leader
In the present technology age, information and knowledge are the greatest powers. If you are in a family business you must have been carrying out the business the way it has been done for the past so many years. Most of the time the knowledge and skills must have become outdated. If you are a Start-Up entrepreneur, most of the time you need to learn by making mistakes. In both the scenarios what you need is a strong MENTORSHIP.A business coach who can provide you with the updated business knowledge and skills.
Thought & Leadership Accelerator
This accelerator series includes Thought Accelerator, Leadership Accelerator, Marketing Accelerator Sales Accelerator, Profitability Accelerator and Innovation Accelerator. Sajeev Nair provides various success proven scientific methods and tools to re-engineer your thoughts at neuro levels. Only a great Leader can become a Global Entrepreneur so this is an essential part for being a Certified global business Leader.
Marketing & sales Accelerator
Success or failure of a business largely depends on the marketing strategies which the business adopts from time to time. Most of the businesses are still following the Industrial age Marketing strategies and just draining their funds. Most of the marketing principles learned in the B-Schools are obsolete now. Here you get a chance to learn the Marketing principles for the information age and that what are the unseen marketing channels which are going to disrupt most of the businesses.
Profitability & Innovation Accelerator
In the profitability module, you will go through various minute factors in your business, which you most of the time overlook, and how to re-engineer these factors to enhance profitability. The ‘mantra’ for present age business coaching is ‘Innovate or Perish.’ Though most of the business owners understand the importance of Innovation, they believe it is the job of the R&D team. This session provides deeper level knowledge about innovation processes, how to implement brainstorming session to promote innovation among employees, how to create an innovative eco-system.

Business Process Re-engineering suggests a business coaching method which rethinks and redefine of the current processes and helps to create a complete overhaul of the current process in your business hence creating a radical change in the organizational structure.
All businesses go through the following process – idea, startup , develop and profit making
At every level challenges are different. Most of the businesses are an outcome of the promoter’s passion. Only once he jumps into it, he realizes that to convert a ‘eureka moment’ into a successful business requires lot of skills. In fact once he gets into the business, he will get lost in the day to day operations most of the time, the passion gets replaced by fear; fear of the possible loss, fear of non-repayment of bank loans. Here is where you need the support of Sajeev Nair.
Taking your business from a Promoter driven to Process driven and identifying the gaps in your business system coming out with custom made, region specific strategies and execution plan is the part of Business Process Re-Engineering.
Business Coaching
It can help you

  • Creating a Vision and Mission for the organization and making every employee share that vision and mission
  • Streamlining operations and systemizing the processes
  • Making your manpower highly productive- They will know what are their roles and responsibilities, how their performance is measured, how will they be benefitted for their contributions etc
  • Developing your business specific sales and marketing strategies. This include Strategies for Distribution, Positioning, Pricing, Advertising etc
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining the right kind of manpower.

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